50's decor Balloons

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Balloons by It's a Wrap! in Springfield Illinois bring just about any theme to life. Here we created a 1950's style Ice Cream Soda from grey, white and pink latex balloons. Our 9 foot tall strawberry soda in a parfait glass is topped off with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream ( a 3 foot balloon) with phosphate bubbles overflowing from the glass. Inside, the ballroom at the Hilton Hotel, we completed the theme with 1950's Cadillac balloons, foil Jukeboxes and poodle skirted rock and roll round foil balloons. Our Ice Cream Soda was the perfect backdrop for group photos.

With Helium in short supply, air filled structures are a great substitute. Not only do air filled structures have more impact on an event, they can be constructed ahead of time for easier set-ups and they last longer for those events that might be longer than a few hours.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review