Balloon Columns

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Balloon Columns by It's a Wrap! in Springfield Illinois are a terrific way to create drama for an event. This air filled structure can go anywhere since there is no fear of balloons floating to the ceiling in a high location and it will stay for several days without deflating. This makes this technique an excellent choice for a convention where decor is needed for several days. Moreover, helium is in short supply so air filled designs are a great alternative.

These structures are usually approximately 6.0 tall but additional height is added by topping the columns with 24-36 inch latex or foil toppers. A variety of balloon styles can be used to change the theme, look, and feeling of the column. It can be used for weddings, conventions, bar and bat mitzvah, or for any occasion you can imagine. For more information please call 217-698-9727


(No reviews yet) Write a Review