Foil (metallic)balloons

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Foil balloons add sparkle and shine to all your celebrations. Foil balloons are metallic, stay afloat for about 1 week, are usually printed on both sides and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. You can express yourself in so many ways with foil balloons especially when combined with latex or other shapes and sizes. An average 18" foil balloon costs approximately $3.99. We also carry a variety of large, big impact foil balloons. Call us at 217-698-9727 for more information on foil balloons.

Bouquets with a variety of balloon shapes and sizes can average around $35.00. A standard bouquet of two foil balloons, 5 latex balloons and a balloon weight is about $26.00 including tax and delivery. When sending a balloon bouquet to the hospitals, plan on sending foil balloons only and limited to about three. Many hospitals have banned latex balloons because of allergies to latex. For a Springfield balloon delivery, call us at 698.wrap (9727).


(No reviews yet) Write a Review