Luxurious Relaxation

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An exquisite, high quality collection of pure lavender relaxation. We've curated the following items into a simple black box with a white bow: Eye Mask: 100% cotton and filled with our Lavender buds and flax seed. 4x13" in size. Place in microwave for 1 minute for a truly relaxing experience. Lavender Lotion, 2 oz.: Replenish your skin and refresh your senses. Using an all-natural aloe vera and Shea butter base, and infused with our lavender essential oil, our body lotion is both luxuriant and practical. Lavender Bath Salts, 10 oz: These salts pull the toxins out of your skin leaving it silky smooth and relaxed. Lavender Candle, 1.75oz: Create an alluring ambiance with this long-lasting and eco-friendly lavender essential oil infused candle made from soy wax. Soy candles are vegetable rather than petroleum based. They burn at a slower and cooler rate. The benefits include fewer allergens, less soot and faster perfuming of your room. White Waffle Mini Towel: Plush and luxurious with hanging hook. 16x28". Faux Lavender Bush: For simple decor. Wool Sea Sponge: 3" mini sea sponge. Naturally anti-microbial and an amazing compliment to any skin care regimen.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review