Singing Telegrams

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Looking for a Singing Telegram or a way to really embarrass a co-worker, friend or colleague? Our 7 foot tall bright pink rabbit is sure to do the trick! Hoppy the Bunny, as she is affectionately called, will serenade your comrade and deliver two foil balloons, 5 latex and a balloon weight. Don't forget to have a camera on hand for those photos you will want to take. Hoppy is great year round and goes to office settings and restaurants. We like to have someone on the inside of the gag who will help the bunny get in and out of the setting without being seen.

Hoppy is available to serve as the Easter Bunny. Dorothy from the Wizard of Springpatch is also available and at Christmas time we have Mrs. Claus who will happily bring cheer to a holiday gathering or event. Call It's a Wrap! at 217-698-9727 for more information.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review